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Monday, October 22, 2007

PVCollections France | |

Unisex perfume / fragrance from France anyone?

They are selling some unisex perfumes.

Salesman: Hello, can I see your boss?
Hanief: ...?
Salesman: Aa.. We actually from bla.. bla..
Salesman: We are selling some perfume called PVCollections bla.. bla..
Salesman: It's from France and non-alcohol bla.. bla..
Salesman: Visit our booth, we have a special promotion bla.. bla..
Salesman: We can give a special offer for you. 70% discounts bla.. bla..
Salesman: Even we can give 1 unit free if you buy more from us bla.. bla..
Hanief: Can I try it a little?
Salesman: Yeah, of course because this is for testing bla.. bla..
Hanief: My Attar perfume smells better than this France perfume.
Hanief: How much is this?
Salesman: RM 150.00++
Salesman: What do you think of the price? Is it OK?
Salesman: If you were me, how much will you sell this?
Salesman: It's from France, non-alcohol and this is a special price bla.. bla..
Salesman: Hmm...?
Hanief: ...?
Salesman: You can check on our website at bla.. bla..

Just wanna check who is

The site is registered to a Singaporean company on Jan 2007? But where is or ? Did they forget to buy them?

I'm feeling the heat of the Iskandarism eventhough I'm in KL. To Pak Lah and KJ, I got two words for you.

Malaysia Boleh!


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