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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

California: Firestorm Started By Boy With Matches

So there was a kid with matches? It was such a chaos wasn't it? Now, who needs a terrorist from the Middle East anymore?

Haha! If the US soldiers going to attack Iran in anytime soon, I would suggest to Ahmadinejad to send a boy with matches for the counterattack.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

More than 900 computer jobs to go

This is an interesting news to me.


More than 900 jobs are to be lost in County Londonderry with the closure of the Seagate plant which makes components for hard disc drives. Staff were given the news at a meeting in the Limavady plant on Monday.

Seagate, which has received £12m from Invest Northern Ireland and its predecessor IDB since 2001, will close in the second half of next year.Plant manager William O'Kane said the news was sad but inevitable. "This is no way due to the employees," he said. "We have a fantastically skilled and fantastically motivated and fantastically inventive workforce which would be an asset to any future employers.

"However, even with those assets and the improvements we have made in productivity and technology, we have had to bow to the inevitable cost pressures that exist in the Far East." The American company has had a base in Limavady for the last decade. However, it has a plant in Malaysia which is due to start operations in the new year. It will make the computer components currently being made in Limavady.

Wage costs

Enterprise, Trade and Investment Minister Nigel Dodds said the closure was hugely disappointing for the workforce, the north west and the wider economy. "(It) is a direct result of significantly lower wage costs in Asian competitors, foreign exchange and shipping costs which have created a competitive cost gap of some £15m per year," he said.

He said he was glad Seagate's wafer fabrication facility in Londonderry would not be affected by the announcement. The minister said senior officials from Invest NI were working with the company and the Department of Employment and Learning on a joint approach to retrain and reskill the affected staff.

"I have also asked senior officials in Invest NI to be available to discuss the options for attracting future potential investment in the area with local representatives." Mr Dodds added: "This situation clearly illustrates the need for Northern Ireland business to be competitive and to concentrate on higher added value products and services." - Source

Lebih 900 peluang pekerjaan akan hilang

Lebih daripada 900 peluang pekerjaan akan hilang di County Londonderry berikutan penutupan loji Seagate yang membuat beberapa komponen bagi pemacu cakera keras. Kakitangannya telah diumumkan berita tersebut pada mesyuarat di Limavady pada hari Isnin.

Seagate, yang mana telah menerima £12 juta daripada Invest Northern Ireland dan IDBnya yang lepas sejak tahun 2001, akan tutup pada separuh tahun kedua, tahun depan. Pengurus lojinya William O'Kane berkata berita tersebut adalah menyedihkan tetapi ia tidak dapat juga dielakkan. "Tiada jalan lagi bagi para pekerja," katanya. "Kita mempunyai tenaga kerja yang begitu berkemahiran dan begitu bermotivasi serta begitu berdaya cipta di mana ia merupakan suatu aset kepada mana-mana majikan akan datang.

"Walau bagaimanapun, dengan aset-aset ini dan pemulihbaikan yang telah kami laksanakan di dalam teknologi dan produktiviti, kami terpaksa tunduk kepada tekanan kos yang tidak dapat dielakkan yang mana ia wujud di Timur Asia." Syarikat Amerika telah berpengkalan di Limavady bagi sedekad yang lalu. Bagaimanapun, ia telah membina loji di Malaysia yang mana ia dijadualkan bermula operasinya pada tahun baru. Ia akan membuatkan komponen-komponen komputer buat masa ini dibuat di Limavady.

Kos Penggajian

Menteri Pelaburan, Perdagangan dan Perusahaan Minister Nigel Dodds berkata penutupan itu adalah suatu kekecewaan buat tenaga kerja, utara barat dan ekonomi yang lebih luas. "(Ia) adalah keputusan serta-merta yang nyata daripada kos penggajian yang rendah di dalam para pesaing, pertukaran asing dan kos penghantaran di Asia yang mana telah mencipta suatu suatu jurang kos yang kompetitif yang berjumlah £15 juta setiap tahun," katanya.

Katanya dia gembira bahawa kemudahan wafer fabrikasi Seagate di Londonderry tidak akan terjejas dengan pengunguman itu. Menterinya berkata para pegawai kanan daripada Invest NI yang sedang bekerja dengan syarikat tersebut dan Jabatan Pelajaran dan Pekerjaan dalam satu pendekatan bersama untuk melatih semula kakitangan yang terlibat.

"Saya juga telah bertanyakan kepada para pegawai kanan di Invest NI untuk membincangkan pilihan-pilihan untuk menarik pelaburan yang berpotensi akan datang di kawasan tersebut bersama wakil-wakil setempat." Mr Dodds menambah: "Situasi ini jelas menggambarkan bahwa perlunya perniagaan Ireland Utara untuk menjadi lebih kompetitif dan lebih bertumpukan kepada produk-produk dan juga servis yang bermutu tinggi." - Sumber

VIDEO - Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy Gibbon | Installing Skype

The Skype package for Ubuntu 7.04 (Feisty Fawn), can be used for Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy Gibbon). Even I've tried on Ubuntu 8.04 (Harrdy Heron) as well, without facing any problems.

Installing Skype in Ubuntu 7.10

Monday, October 29, 2007

VIDEO - California Firestorm

After seeing these videos, I think some of the US citizens will somehow got a clue on how Iraqi wars look like. Please stop the war.

Video 1

Video 2

Sunday, October 28, 2007

VIDEO - Deluge Torrent 0.5.6 Installation | Windows | Ubuntu

The final release of Windows Deluge Torrent has arrived. This is a good news for some people who use torrent for their business. If you're in Malaysia, Deluge Torrent could mean a lot to you, this is due to its powerful encryption against TMnet capping.

It's ready! No more alpha. It's a final release!

You'll notice that the website has changed!

Installation in Windows

Installation in Ubuntu

Friday, October 26, 2007

Cukup Cun by Mat Sabu

'Cukup cun' means 'Really pretty'

Cukup Cun

Download MP3:
Download MP3: (RockTaps):
Download MP3 (Samba):
Download MP3 (Piano):
Download MP3 (Instrumental):
Download the real video:

VIDEO - Ubuntu 7.10 File Sharing with Windows XP | SMBpasswd

There's nothing wrong with your Windows XP. It's all because of the Ubuntu SMB password. Please refer to the video below:-


Connect to

So you have installed the Samba but you can't get Username & Password access thingy done?


How to solve it?
  1. Goto the Terminal
  2. Type
    sudo smbpasswd username -a
    (replace the username with your account name.)
  3. Leave the password blank by pressing the Enter key. So all you need to key-in is just that particular username in Windows XP 'Connect to' prompt.
  4. Done.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Malaysia Dipelawa Sertai Pembinaan GPS Rusia

Kepada pak-pak menteri di luar sana. Fikirlah masak-masak. Secara lumrahnya, kalau pemimpin sudah banyak makan budi, negara akan tergadai. Kita boleh lihat para Sultan Melayu pada zaman dahulu.

Beralih arah ke Rusia pula? Bila boleh buat sendiri? Susah?

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

VIDEO - Xubuntu 7.10 Terminal Shortcut

I made a video on how to setup a shortcut for the Terminal in Xubuntu 7.10. I hope you got the idea.

Terminal shortcut / launcher

How to do it?
  1. Right-click on the desktop
  2. Choose Create Launcher
  3. In the Name box type
    (It will suggest you something that related to Terminal.)
  4. Choose Create Launcher Terminal
  5. Done

VIDEO - Xubuntu 7.10 File Sharing with Windows XP | SMBpasswd

I made a video on how to setup a file sharing between Xubuntu 7.10 and Windows XP. I hope you got the idea.

Xubuntu smbpasswd

Run and call your Xubuntu machine name. Do you remember the name?

Connect to


How to do it?
  1. Go to Applications > Systems > Shared Folders
  2. Install the SMB and NFS (it will prompt you)
  3. Add a folder to be shared with Windows XP (make a new folder if you want)
  4. After that, goto the Terminal
  5. Type
    sudo smbpasswd username -a
    (replace the username with your account name.)
  6. Leave the password blank by pressing the Enter key. So all you need to key-in is just that particular username in Windows XP 'Connect to' prompt.
  7. Done.

VIDEO - Lim Goh Tong | Genting Founder Dies At 90

I hate people who involve themselves in gambling. If you think gambling is right, why don't you teach your 5 years old son or daughter on how to gamble and get that dirty money.

A gambling man

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Xubuntu - Installation Screen Resolution | Stop Guessing The Buttons

Yeah! Stop guessing the forward button, if you can't see it. My idea was to press the TAB key but it was kinda lame because, I sometimes accidentally pressed on the Back button.

Xubuntu. Gotta love it

Floating bars! Haha! Nice workaround!

Another closeup

Installing Xubuntu with both bars floated

Panel Manager

How to solve it?
  1. Adjust the taksbar and the startbar /mainbar (the both bars top and bottom)
  2. Right-click on the particular bar
  3. Choose Customize Panel to go to Panel Manager
  4. Check the Freely Movable radio button
  5. Done
I wonder why the Screen Resolution was static, eventhough I've tried several screen resolutions in the menu. Anyway, this workaround should works find!

Why Xubuntu?
I love its liteness. It's good for a machine with small memory 256MB and below (192MB, etc.).

Monday, October 22, 2007

In Rainbows Free MP3 From Radiohead

I like a music band who understands how the internet works. Radiohead allows their new album called In Rainbows to be downloaded for free or up to you how much you wanna pay for this MP3's in 48.4MB zip file.

They've been dugg in too. So this is a really great marketing strategy, just like the Linux distros.

In Rainbows discbox edition

160kbps bit rate, cool.

Check out yourself at

Video - 2 Cops Held Liable In Screwdriver Assault

Coprez was sodomized with a screwdriver and he's a millionaire now!

Coprez Coffie

Coffie said he now intends to finish school and would use the money to help care for his 2-year-old son.

GIMP 2.4.0 - RC3 for Windows [OCT 2007]

Eventhough it's a Release Candidate version, I can't resist the ratio / proportion lock in scaling and resizing the canvas plus some other Adobe-Photoshop-like shortcut keys.

Can you see that locker?

Why GIMP on Windows?
I have a PC for my mum's shop. Well, in Malaysia the BSA cronies called OPS Tulen always hunting for some pirated software users. Yeah! I found Adobe Photoshop is too expansive for an SMB, so I go for GIMP. It's free. Just like the Ubuntu Linux. I've spent RM500.00 for an original WinXP CD, yuck! It's all because of my dad's POS software that requires Windows platform.

PVCollections France | |

Unisex perfume / fragrance from France anyone?

They are selling some unisex perfumes.

Salesman: Hello, can I see your boss?
Hanief: ...?
Salesman: Aa.. We actually from bla.. bla..
Salesman: We are selling some perfume called PVCollections bla.. bla..
Salesman: It's from France and non-alcohol bla.. bla..
Salesman: Visit our booth, we have a special promotion bla.. bla..
Salesman: We can give a special offer for you. 70% discounts bla.. bla..
Salesman: Even we can give 1 unit free if you buy more from us bla.. bla..
Hanief: Can I try it a little?
Salesman: Yeah, of course because this is for testing bla.. bla..
Hanief: My Attar perfume smells better than this France perfume.
Hanief: How much is this?
Salesman: RM 150.00++
Salesman: What do you think of the price? Is it OK?
Salesman: If you were me, how much will you sell this?
Salesman: It's from France, non-alcohol and this is a special price bla.. bla..
Salesman: Hmm...?
Hanief: ...?
Salesman: You can check on our website at bla.. bla..

Just wanna check who is

The site is registered to a Singaporean company on Jan 2007? But where is or ? Did they forget to buy them?

I'm feeling the heat of the Iskandarism eventhough I'm in KL. To Pak Lah and KJ, I got two words for you.

Malaysia Boleh!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Pictures - Houses of Popular People In Malaysia

If you have the software called Google Earth, you can do more with it. Please refer to the picture below:-

Click the picture above. More details and larger image with Google Earth

These pictures were taken from . Wiki means editable. You can add some other cool places, if you know more by commenting and I will update it as soon as possible.

Bread Prices Set To Go Up

Harga roti bakal naik berikutan tindakan seorang penulis blog yang telah mengajar cara membuat roti melalui portal web video terkemuka, iaitu

KUALA LUMPUR: The price of bread, the staple breakfast of most Malaysians, is likely to increase with rising wheat flour prices.

Since April, the price of wheat flour has increased by a whopping 80%.

A 25kg sack of non-general purpose (GP) wheat flour, which is used to make bread, is now priced at RM59.30, against RM33.60 in April.

Last month, it was fixed at RM44.30. Non-GP wheat flour is not a controlled item but the price of white bread, which is made from this type of flour, is controlled.

The other type of wheat flour is general-purpose flour, commonly used for making cakes and cookies. This type of flour is price-controlled. (Refer to box for details)

Local bread manufacturers said they were caught in a dilemma, as they cannot raise the price of white bread, a controlled item, which is the main product of bakeries.

Bakery Manufacturers Association president Mashood Wahab said 60% of items produced at bakeries were white bread, with the remaining products being high-fibre, wholemeal and buns which were not price-controlled.

“Never in the history of the industry has prices of wheat flour increased in such a dramatic manner,” he said at his bread factory in Jalan Sungai Besi yesterday.

Mashood, who is a director of Federal Bakery, a reputed bread manufacturer, said the price of a loaf of white sandwich bread was now being sold at RM1.20 (small) and RM2 (big) by members of the association.

He said for every small loaf of bread produced, manufacturers were losing about 45 sen with the price increase.

He said with the current price of wheat flour, the loaf should be sold at RM1.60 for the manufacturers to at least break even.

The price of wheat flour has spiralled over the past half year with lower production due mainly to the drought in Australia.

According to statistics, Malaysia imports about 1.2 million tonnes of the grain a year. Mashood said the association would meet Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Ministry officials next week to find a solution.

“I hope something will come out of the discussions, otherwise some bakeries may close down, while others might have to reduce their workforce.”

Flour Millers Association of Malaysia chairman Teh Wee Chye said they would meet Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister Datuk Mohd Shafie Apdal on Tuesday.

Hanief: Kepada peniaga-peniaga yang menjual barang-barang yang berasaskan tepung, saya ada dua perkataan untuk anda...

"Malaysia Boleh!"

VIDEO & PICTURES : Rome's Trevi Fountain | Red Paint | Blood

It was a prank, it's catchy and it's red as blood.

Rome's Trevi Fountain turns red

So many reporters

"Oh my God! Whose blood is this?"

Another shot of red colored Rome's Trevi Fountain

More pictures here | Digg Malaysia Warned By Digg? Cease and Desist?

I tried to visit just now and guess what? I was redirected to

UMNO red in color. Yup, this is the current look of

I think they forgot to buy haha!

Well if you mistype the to you'll go to this Saudi guy website

NOD32 3.0.414 RC1 Screenshots

This RC1 (Release Candidate 1) version cannot detect the W32 Killav trojan. So this RC1 version is just for a testing purposes and not to be used in a real life. I'm looking forward to see the final version of NOD32 3, I love the UI

The splash screen

NOD32 3.0.414 RC1

Friendly look

Scanning session

Scan log

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