Malaysia Negara Pembodek: February 2008

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

VIDEO : Is Adobe Air Another Konfabulator?

To me, Adobe Air is just another Konfabulator or Adobe's Yahoo Widget Engine I suppose?

Well let's wait 'n see how many apps, that this Air could provide.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

VIDEO : Firefox 3 Beta 'Clever' Download Manager

Normally I don't give a damn about Firefox 3. But after I saw the developers' promises about the new built-in Download Manager in Firefox 3 Beta, I think I should review this.

Download it here

Mozilla Firefox 3 Download Manager

Saturday, February 9, 2008

VIDEO : Extracting RAR in Ubuntu 7.10 ( Gutsy Gibbon ) | Ubuntu RAR

RAR file extension or file format is quite popular. Below is a video on how to have a RAR file extractor utility via sudo apt-get install rar in the Terminal

RAR in Ubuntu 7.10 ( Gutsy Gibbon )

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Omid (Hope), Would be launched by March 2009

TEHRAN (Reuters) - Iran launched a rocket on Monday designed to carry its first locally-made research satellite next year, showing the country's advances in ballistics at a time when Western powers are already jittery about its nuclear plans.

Ahmadinejad wears 3-D glasses to watch a program about an Iranian rocket

Iran's first satellite called Omid (Hope) Satellite

The United States, the Islamic Republic's arch foe, called the rocket test "unfortunate" and said it would only further isolate Tehran from the international community.

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad read out the launch countdown before it blasted off to chants of "God is greatest" by an audience of officials in a control room, state TV reported.

The technology used to put satellites into space could also be used for launching weapons, but analysts voiced different opinions about the significance of Iran's latest announcement.

The West fears Iran is trying to master nuclear technology so it can build bombs. Iran insists its plans are peaceful.

Britain-based defense analyst Paul Beaver said the implications of the test may worry the United States and Israel.

"The Israelis will claim there is no reason why they (Iran) can't launch a weapon system in the same way or why they can't make a long-range ballistic missile," he said.

Television footage showed the rocket soaring into the sky from a desert launch pad, leaving a vapor trail. A parachute appeared to drop from the rocket shortly after the launch. State television gave few details about the rocket.

"This achievement will ... strengthen Iran's position in the region and the world," said Reza Talainik, a member of parliament's Foreign Affairs and National Security committee.

State media said the research satellite, called Omid (Hope), would be launched by March 2009. - Source

Sunday, February 3, 2008

VIDEO : Kiba Dock Installation in Ubuntu 7.10

Eventough it takes a little bit long to install, but let me tell you that, this guide works. Below, is the video of my Kiba Dock installation in Ubuntu.

I have no idea why it's 9999. Weird.

Kiba Dock in Ubuntu 7.10 (GutsyGibbon) | The guide

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