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Monday, June 30, 2008

Undilah Barisan Nasional

I cannot stop people from voting in UMNO or any Barisan Nasional subset. Anyway I just want to share this 16 minutes video to all the visitors of this blog. Happy watching!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

VIDEO : File Sharing - Windows Vista & Windows XP In 4 Minutes

Sharing a file in Windows Vista is a bit tricky than Windows XP. This is how I do:-

1. Go to Start Search, type network

2. Turn on File sharing and turn off Password protected sharing (if you want to)

3. Create a share folder. Right click on it and choose Share

4. Add 'Everyone' (a group means for everybody)

5. Right-click on the shared folder and choose Properties. Set as in the picture above.

You may refer to the video tutorial below for more details.

File Sharing - Windows Vista & Windows XP In 4 Minutes

Monday, June 23, 2008

Reply To sweetprincesskisses | Mahathir Die Hard Fan

To get the right picture, why don't you watch my videos about Mahathir?

The screenshot of the message

You really like Mahathir don't you? If you do, go and vote UMNO. Mahathir's son is still in UMNO. His name is Mukhriz.

To me, Mahathir is nothing other than a man who was hired by the rakyat to do some tasks.

Fortunately enough for him to get an era that was full of mega projects and minor crisis around.

I know, you're one of many young generations who is so materialistic. You always look at the cover of the book rather than read the whole books.

You see, I'm not a person who blindly vote in some politician or anybody. I study the whole story. Look at you! You're young! 21 year-old guy. I wonder where were you when the FRU fired their tear gases around Masjid Jamek & Central Market. I was there, crossing the road to Jalan Kasturi, Kasturi Tution Center (damn I was just form 2 at that time). I heard people were chanting words 'Undur Mahathir Undur' and 'REFORMASI'. My eyes then filled with soapy bubbles of tear gases.

I went to a lot of oppositions' speeches and listen to many of their ceramah in cassettes. I was so young back then, I wonder why I like so much about politic and justice. Usually any 14 year-old boy at that time would only talk about music, porns, video games and shopping malls.

Go to hell with the AUKU. It's up to you to judge all these things. If you're one of the Oxbridge products, then I believe you can judge these things very well.

It's all about Mahathir KKN (Ka Ka N = Korupsi Kronisme Neposime). Mahathir is a big liar. A lot of people like you still kissing his shoes for all his lies? I just don't get it. Why oh why can't you see.

I'm not pro Anwar or pro Mahathir. I will support anyone who speaks for the rakyat. You mess up with the rakyat, ohohoh, you gotta ask the rakyat whether they gonna forgive you or not?

When Mahathir was in power, in late 1997 his KKN became very obvious. It was the climax of his KKN. He blamed Anwar Ibrahim for everything. 22 years in power? To me those are the years of greed, ego and secularism.

Look at Japan! You cannot find any of their leaders who was in power like your lovely oldfart Mahathir. Is Japan ranked lower than Malaysia in terms of economy?

I'm at YouTube, the internet is for everybody. It's not only for me nor only for you. Again it's for everybody. You're not the first guy who is shouting the F word to me. Frankly, I'm immune to that. You gotta ask yourself why Mahathir is defending VK Lingam and why also a lot of people of Malaysia begin to embrace Pakatan Rakyat.

A few years back, people didn't really bother to take part in political issues. That's why it took quite sometimes for these people to realize who is right, who is wrong and finally decide which is the right party.

I'm not new to Hassan Ali, I'm not new to Nik Aziz, I'm not new to Ezam Noor, I'm not new to Anwar Ibrahim, I'm not new to Daim Zainuddin, I'm not new to Rahim Noor, I'm not new to a lot of oldschool politicians and a few other bigshots. I started to mingle about this since late 1996 and I was born on 1984. Do your math, and guess what's my age. Think about it!

Information is power. If you lack of information, then you're lack of power. If you do some misinformations then you will get the wrong power (just like your uncle Mahathir).

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Malaysian & Thai PMs To Face No-Confidence Vote

Same 'political tsunami' maybe? Anyway, we somehow got to thank Samak for delivering the Thai rice.

Malaysians Click Here | Thais Click Here

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

VIDEO : Petrol Price Hike 78 Cents Tonight | JUN 2008 | Vote BN Again

Again, we are facing the same petrol & diesel prices hike from Barisan Nasional aka Babi Negara.

If you (BN or Pakatan Rakyat member) could recall the petrol & diesel prices hike on last year, right after the hike, other daily basic stuffs, such as our staple foods, public transport fares and anything that is related to oil will increase its price. In other word, there's a chain reaction.

Bad idea at a wrong time.

Well done Pak Lah and the whole BN coalition.

My advice especially to this blog visitors, is please register your name with SPR (Suruhanjaya Pilihanraya) and get ready for the next 13th Malaysian General Election.

If you're still underage (not 21 years old yet) my advice is, you have to read the newspapers, watch the news (stop those Akademi Pantatsial and Malaysian Idiot), read some alternative news websites (like HarakahDaily, No2UMNO & MalaysiaKini), political blogs (like RPK's Malaysia-Today) and Islamic blogs (search it for yourself, if you're a Muslim).

Sunday, June 1, 2008

VIDEO : TMnet Streamyx Banned Commercial

I just want to dedicate these 2 things. A logo and a video to TMnet. Have fun!

TMnut Screamyx not TMnet Streamxy.

The screaming video.

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