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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Windows 7 IDE To AHCI | Regedit Setting

If you have installed Windows 7 with IDE mode then, you want to change to AHCI, some BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) will appear.

Changing from IDE to AHCI is a good thing. You will experience a slight increase in booting time and some other HDD related performances.

To avoid the BSOD during the Windows 7 boot, you can edit the DWORD value in the Registry Editor. Please refer to the image above.


You can download the .REG file here, extract it, double-click and restart.

Don't forget to change your HDD mode to AHCI in BIOS Setting too.

p/s: According to ASUS a BSOD could also occur due to shared/non-dedicated SATA power cable.


Van Hohenheim

camne nak setting dekat bios setting tu??dah try masuk bios setting..tapi just ade sequel utk boot dr usb ke hdd ke cd..tu je


Apa jenama dan model motherboard kamu?

Van Hohenheim

laptop acer aspire 3640..bile guna ok je..tapi bile nak shutdown..mase tgah pusing2 tu..nnti kuar bsod..pastu restart smule..solutionnye..ttup plug cmtu je ataupun xttup 2-3 hari..

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